3 Characteristics Of Rock Star Teammates

Stop hiring for specific skills. Hiring this way almost always overlooks the three most important traits of a strong candidate. There are 3 things that good managers hire for. Of course, sometimes, you really do need a highly trained skill set. There’s just no amount of positivity that will substitute for an expertly-trained brain surgeon–but unless you need […]

The First Thing You Should Do Everyday To Be Successful

The skills you need will come with time and effort. What’s more important is your attitude, your aptitude, and what you believe in. These things can be said as these questions: How will you react when things go terribly wrong? What are you capable of? What will motivate you intrinsically? 2 Minute Action It’s basically […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have The Skills

It’s not whether you have the skills—you can be taught. It’s not whether you know the right people—you can be introduced. Its about 2 things: Aptitude. Attitude. These translate to: Are you capable of learning the skills and executing the work ethic? And can you do the emotional labor of treating people with respect when […]