If You Think I Can Change Your Life, Stop Reading Here

It’s really unlikely that I will change your life. I can say motivational things and give you tips and tricks to be productive. I can talk about how important education is and how the future of our world is dependent on it. I can even call you out with a 2-minute action every, single day. […]

This Choice Will Determine Your Day

It’s cold. Your feet hurt. You could get away with a little more sleep. This is the choice. You can either start your day by conquering your first challenge or you can hit the snooze button. You can either start your day with a small win or you can lead with an act of procrastination. […]

You Are Doing This Critical Thing Whenever You Meet Someone

Every time you meet someone, you’re doing something that you don’t even realize you’re doing . . . . . . networking.  You are always your brand.  You are always demonstrating who you are and what you stand for wherever you go.  Business or personal—both are happening at the same time. Sometimes people won’t remember […]