Read This If You Have Trouble “Relaxing”

I was miserable. I just took a day off. I was “trying” to relax all day. All I could think about were all the things that needed my attention. I spend a lot of my time thinking about identifying important things and getting them done. Don’t laugh but this is hard for me. Of course, […]

You Think You’re Output Is High, But This Will Change Your Mind

I was talking to an old friend recently, who was explaining all of the things they did inside his organization. I run this . . . I manage that . . . I monitor these . . . He went on and on about all of his responsibilities. This list was impressive. After he had […]

How To Use Trust To Crush Your To-Do List

If you have a pile of to-dos that are sitting, waiting, all with expired due dates and no prioritization . . . . . . just stick with me. Step 1. Create three columns Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Done. The Backlog is the space for you to drop undefined, kinda vague tasks that don’t really have […]