The Practical Reason To Stop Planning and Dreaming

The life plan.  Lots of people make them or at least, dream of them.  Dreaming is fun, because you get to taste what things could be like.  The only catch is when you snap back to “reality” and continue to grind the same grind.  Dreaming is fun but without action: it’s just indulgence.  And to […]

How To Psychologically Change Behavior (Of Yourself And Others)

How do you get behavior to change? We can talk about motivations, intrinsic desires, or even logical or philosophical ideals that drive people. But when it comes down to the basics of human behavior, in work and in life, it comes down to reinforcement. There are a few different types of reinforcement you’ve probably heard […]

What Love and Respect Means In a Professional Setting

I respect and love you so much that I have to tell you the truth. There’s nothing else I can do other than give you my raw honesty. If I didn’t like you as much, it would be easier to sugar coat it and walk away. You’re not yourself. I don’t know what happened. The […]