One Known Route To Happiness

It’s Saturday. Most people have the day off. It’s okay if you’re working but you may want to consider getting into the flow of something completely unrelated to work. People who report being the most happy often are also people who spend a lot of time in a state of “flow.” Flow is that place […]

The Most Overlooked and Practical Application For Trust

Missed meetings that stay on the calendar. A pile of to-dos. In fact, a big long list of to-dos with dates that are WAY overdue. Seems innocent, though, right? What harm could it do? You’re just adjusting. You’re still striving. You’re just on your way there, right? Here’s the problem: When you stray from the […]

Use This Difficult Constraint To Your Advantage

I was reminded, yesterday, of the life changing effect of urgency. You know the feeling, it’s FOMO. Buy now, only 43 left! Limited Edition only available for the next 24 hours! Order in the next 15 minutes and we’ll throw in the Chop Chopper and the Double Chop Chopper free! You’ve seen all of these […]