How To Get A Job

A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 outbreak. A few days ago I even asked each of you to help in some way. Then, I realized, some of you might be in a difficult position where instead of being the helper, you might need to be the helpee. Over the […]

Read This If You Want To Hire Someone Or Get Hired

I’ve been asked a few times more than usual, lately, about what employers are looking for in a candidate. I’ve had some friends reach out about specific jobs for which they were interviewing, but I was also just on a panel with Denver Public Schools talking to some of their awesome teachers. They wanted to […]

Read This If You Think Corona Virus Will Impact Your Work

So, I’m going to share something you already know but might not always apply. There are things that are in your control and things that aren’t. Getting really clear on what’s what can help you focus your energy on the things that will improve your position. This might be in your daily life, it might […]