How To Fall In Love With Hard Work

There’s no movie montage. There’s no Rocky music. There’s no one following you with a camera. What most people think “hard work” looks like just isn’t the case. Hard work is getting out of bed when it’s cold and the sun hasn’t come up, yet. Hard work is having the difficult conversation with your teammate […]

What Is Emotional Productivity And How Is It Changing Lives?

You owe it to the people you love. You owe it to the people you respect. You owe it to the people you want to help. Of course, it’s uncomfortable. You won’t pick all the right words. You might not even make sense for the first minute or two. But it’s your responsibility to make […]

You Might Be Delusional, Here’s How

Have you ever heard “if you can believe than you can achieve?” How about “if you can dream it you can do it?” In these cases, belief is actually just a combination of trust and visibility. Let me explain: Trust is the reputation you have with yourself for executing things. If you have executed, followed […]