Read This If You Have To Get Over It

Tough things are tough. There are things in our control and out of our control. Sometimes distinguishing these helps us handle tough things. Sometimes it doesn’t and tough things are just tough anyway. Here are the 3 stages of handling tough things. Awareness Being aware that there is a problem is part of it. Being […]

Read This If You Want To Make Your Life Easier

Okay, sure. This is sort of a click-baity headline, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday was a challenging day for me. I started out exhausted. I slept in until almost 8 AM, which is not something I do. I then volunteered my time for nearly the whole day. And I was pretty uncomfortable doing it. I […]

Read This If You Want Every Day To Be Good

Some days are good. Some days I do not perform the way I’d hoped. Some days I perform well but my environment prevents my success. Some days my environment has ideal conditions and I squander my opportunity. What’s important is accepting that it is impossible for every day to be good. What’s hard is fighting […]