You Might Be Delusional, Here’s How

Have you ever heard “if you can believe than you can achieve?” How about “if you can dream it you can do it?” In these cases, belief is actually just a combination of trust and visibility. Let me explain: Trust is the reputation you have with yourself for executing things. If you have executed, followed […]

An Old-school Trick To Stay Focused Through The Hard Stuff

You can probably name a pretty decent number of movies that show “perseverance,” “fortitude,” or “determination.” Most of these movies represent challenges and obstacles in really obvious ways so viewers can relate quickly. This means, adversity is usually represented in some physical way. Sports and war movies lend themselves very well to this model. The […]

How To Find Your Optimal Productivity Zone

The Comfort Zone Where things are predictable, safe, and boring. It’s unlikely you’ll grow here, because there isn’t enough stimulation.  The Learning Zone Where your senses are heightened enough to absorb new information, and things are exciting, challenging, and new. This zone is right on the edge of anxiety but not quite there, yet. It […]