The 3 Things Required To Master Life

Before I get this going, I need to say something really important. This whole thing is really simple to understand but hard to implement. This is one of those things that just takes a lifetime. That said . . . 1 – Awareness Understand that there’s a problem, a change, an opportunity. Identify and define. […]

One Word That Actually Means Something On Black Friday

This Black Friday, I want you to think about one word. Enough. What’s enough to be happy? What’s enough to get to the next step? What’s enough to be done? No matter whether it’s the material things in your life, the day-to-day tasks, or the people in your social support system—it’s up to you to […]

The Unintuitive Way A Brick Wall Can Show The Future

Lots of people can have a difficult conversation. Lots of people can go for a 4 mile run. Lots of people can overcome a fear. That’s all great. Those experiences tell us what we’re capable of. But what happens next is truly important. What happens next is how consistently we do these things. When we […]