The One Thing That’s More Important Than The Results

More important than hitting the 6 minute mile . . . More important than writing the whole book . . . More important than making the sale . . . Is the habit. Even when it’s small (a mile a day) or incomplete (a blog post instead of a chapter), the habit of output is […]

Why It’s Hard To Follow Through

Because it’s worth it.   But you already knew that.   Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. What’s the simplest, smallest version? Do that. Anything more would be waste or vanity anyway.   2 Minute Action: What’s something you’re dreading doing right now? Why do you think that is? What might you do […]

What To Do When Someone Wrongs You

Your options are: Roll over and suffer in silence. Avenge and suffer without resolving your long-term, internal pain. Act out and hurt proximal, innocent people instead of the perpetrator. Retaliate with proportionate punishment until they stop or change behavior. Take something valuable from them until they stop or apologize. Most of us can eliminate responses […]