3 Characteristics Of Rock Star Teammates

Stop hiring for specific skills. Hiring this way almost always overlooks the three most important traits of a strong candidate. There are 3 things that good managers hire for. Of course, sometimes, you really do need a highly trained skill set. There’s just no amount of positivity that will substitute for an expertly-trained brain surgeon–but unless you need […]

The Glue That Keeps High-Performance Teams Together

Culture is not the ping-pong table. Culture is not the Keurig. Culture is not the ability to hang out with the people on your team after work. Somehow, this is what many people think. Culture is “Do you believe what I believe?” Culture is the alignment of core values. Culture is how we treat each […]

A Fast Way To Ensure You Lose Your Team

“You’re not acting like you want to be here!” “We’re leaving right now!” “Well then get your act together and let’s go!” I unplugged my headphones and listened more closely. I was running in the park and overheard a mom yelling at her daughter. Her daughter was obviously exhausted and had no interest in continuing […]