Dear Valued Customer

Dear Valued Customer, We appreciate your business.  Your call is important to us.  We value your feedback.  Have you ever gotten one of these emails? Or have you ever been told this on the phone while waiting for 3 hours for Verizon to pick up your call? You’re better than that.  No one has ever […]

What To Do When Everything Breaks At The Worst Time

I was working with an Ed Tech client who was having trouble simplifying the on-ramp for new customers. The interface looked friendly, but there were a lot of features and you had to learn a lot of new jargon to really get the benefits. Plus, it was super buggy because they had just pushed a […]

You Don’t Have To Work Hard To Get This

The bar is low for customer service. Have you ever been yelled at in the airport at 6 AM by TSA. Have you ever been greeted by a store associate with only the two unapologetic words, “we’re closed.” If you’ve ever waited in line only to be given excuses at the end of it. All […]