The Weird Way Selling A Mattress Can Help You Focus

There are two types of people who buy mattresses in the world. One kind of person hates buying a mattress and thinks they should never have to buy one. The other kind of person thinks that buying a mattress is an important decision because you spend 30% of your life asleep and getting the right […]

🏡 Don’t Build A House On Atlantic Avenue

Atlantic Avenue is a really stupid place to build a house. The rent costs $150 each and the rent with 1 house is only $110. It’s also a really unlikely place for someone to land on the board, so the opportunities to get rent payments is way lower than other properties. You can still buy […]

The Most Common Excuses People Make (And How To Get Past a Them)

It helps if you know what to do. It helps if you know when to do it. It also helps if you have the skills, abilities, and resources to do it. Of course, the reality is that you need none of these things to start. Here is a list of common excuses that many of […]