How To Finally Understand Motivation and Make It Work

There’s something special about the blank page.  Pure possibility.  And even more important: it’s what’s behind the page. That’s the promise you made to fill it.  Whether your blank page is a computer terminal, a squat rack, or a sales call, it’s just as big of a promise. The only trouble is that it’s never […]

The Unintuitive Way A Brick Wall Can Show The Future

Lots of people can have a difficult conversation. Lots of people can go for a 4 mile run. Lots of people can overcome a fear. That’s all great. Those experiences tell us what we’re capable of. But what happens next is truly important. What happens next is how consistently we do these things. When we […]

A Simple Trick To Creating A New Habit

It has to be everyday. It has to be small enough to achieve. It has to be aligned with your mission. Okay, stop. You’ve heard all of this, yet everyone thinks THEY are the exception. The weird thing is that, sure, these principles are subject to change—but only after you start having success. You need […]