How To Create The Urgency To Live Your Dreams

No one has ever said, “man, I’m really glad I played it safe.” No one has ever said, “dang, I’m so happy with my decision to avoid risks.” No one has ever said, “I don’t regret working my whole life on someone else’s project.” So, assuming all goes well and you live a full-length life, what […]

The Unpopular Beliefs That Make People Tick

“You’re anxious, stop telling me to worry so much.” “You don’t know what other people want, so don’t tell me what to do.” “Your writing is too basic, why are you dumbing it down?” I’ve gotten criticism for a few unpopular beliefs, like my death bed timer, the idea that you absolutely should get rich, […]

What You Can Do When There’s Too Much To Do

There isn’t enough time to do everything you want to do before you die. Let’s face it. There just isn’t. In fact, the same thing is true about your work. There just isn’t enough time to do everything. So let’s crush a few thoughts, right now. “I have to do it.” “It needs to get […]