Why The Grumpiest Person Is Your Best Friend

“Who is your grumpiest, most irritable, most frustratingly difficult IT guy?” “Can you introduce me to him?” Sounds crazy, but let me tell you why I wanted to meet this person so much. I was running a software development team at the time. We were building a data visualization software for a government client–which posed […]

The Strange Lesson My Whiteboard Taught Me

I walked into my office today and saw some brainstorming I had done over a week ago. It was all over my whiteboard. It was a map that helped me see some of the dependencies and workflows in my team—visibility here is critical for making improvements. But then I realized that if I wiped it […]

The Unusual Reason Listerine Is So Successful

Upgrade to Premium! Sign up for updates! Follow us on social media! How many times have you gotten this within 2 seconds of hitting a new website or page? How bad is that? We just met! Now you want me to upgrade? I haven’t even used your product yet! The first interaction someone has with […]