This App You’re Using Is No Better Than CDROM

Have you seen this one in every hotel? Control this TV with your phone The benefit of the app can’t be that it replaces the remote. The remote works just fine. Why do we need to replace it? If we’re going to build an app, it should be doing more than the remote. It should […]

Everything That’s Holding You Back In 60 Seconds

There’s something calling for your attention. It’s asking for something important, that you value. It’s asking for your time and your focus. It’s asking for your energy and your intention. It’s asking for those precious limited resources we have. It’s everything. Well, it’s everything but what’s important. What’s important and urgent deserves your focus and […]

How To Use Trust To Crush Your To-Do List

If you have a pile of to-dos that are sitting, waiting, all with expired due dates and no prioritization . . . . . . just stick with me. Step 1. Create three columns Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Done. The Backlog is the space for you to drop undefined, kinda vague tasks that don’t really have […]