1 Simple Way To See More Opportunities

Do you practice? Not just hobbies or things outside the scope of your work. I mean your work, too. Do you practice patience, assertiveness, and creativity? It goes without saying that if you’re not deliberately practicing, you won’t improve. So, how do you practice if it’s not a language or an instrument or a technique? […]

The Hidden, Everyday Choice That Can Change Your Life

It’s not what you think. It’s not a montage of running and working out. You don’t get to do 4 push-ups and then, by the end of the 4-minute theme song, you’re strong and capable. You have to feel every rep, every early morning, every aching muscle cell. There’s just no other way, yet. Consider […]

The Secret This World-Class Drummer Used To Be The Best Without Doing More Work

Steve Smith was the drummer for Journey. He had been a drummer for most of his life and many people held the opinion that he was one of the best in the world. Smith has been on the front page of Modern Drummer Magazine and DRUM! Magazine, he has been listed in Rolling Stone’s Top 100 […]