Are You A Fish? (What It Could Mean For Your Future)

What’s a Fish? A Fish is a hunted resource. It’s lured in and snatched up. It’s indirect, at best, at determining its future. (At worst, it’s entirely passive.) You’re a fish if you: Put your resume out on Are hoping someone picks you to get promoted. Are waiting to be discovered. If you’re waiting […]

You’re Going to Die, And That’s Great News

Right this second, I’ve estimated I’ve got about 2,876 weeks left in my lifetime. (Take the average life span of an American male, minus the health consequences of smoking for 9 years, blah blah blah.) The number is 2,876. Whether I’m right or wrong, that’s the number I’m looking at. I have 2,876 weeks left […]

Should You Trust Science?

The scientists said we needed to eat more eggs. Then they said that eggs were bad for us–something about cholesterol. Now they say we should just eat egg whites so we can get the good cholesterol. Who knows what they’ll be wrong about next. Damn scientists. The trick about science is that it’s almost always […]