[TOOL] Evernote Vs. iOS Notes

I just caught myself looking at a comparison review of Evernote and the iOS Notes app. I pay $8/month for Evernote and I have been for years. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t really used Evernote over the past few months. I had exclusively been using iOS Notes. That money is being wasted! But why? […]

A Surefire Way To Never Achieve A Goal

I recently heard someone report on a project they were working on. “Today, I’m working on this,” they said. “I’m getting there.” This is the kiss of death in the Agile framework. It’s not specific, it doesn’t give you any new information, and it doesn’t tell you when it will be done. It’s easy to […]

What’s the next action?

One of the habits we don’t learn in school is how to take action. We learn to follow the directions on the box. We learn to sit still for 9 hours. We learn to use a #2 pencil and fill in the circles. But we don’t learn how to regulate our emotions, find out what […]