What You Can Do When There’s Too Much To Do

There isn’t enough time to do everything you want to do before you die.

Let’s face it.

There just isn’t.

In fact, the same thing is true about your work.

There just isn’t enough time to do everything.

So let’s crush a few thoughts, right now.

  • “I have to do it.”
  • “It needs to get done.”
  • “No one else is going to do it.”

These may be true, but a good question to ask yourself next is “what will happen if I don’t get it all done?”

Does it really matter?

Understand that productivity and living a happy, healthy life isn’t about doing more.

It’s just about output.

Focus on the 20% of the things that will yield 80% of the results.

Stop thinking that hard work is always the answer. It only turns results SOME of the time.

If you were a youth with a paper route and you knew you could get paid $200 every week, it might seem like adding more paper routes would be the only way to make more money.

But what if you found out that delivering mail pulled in $300 every week?

Well, you just learned that not every hour you spend working is worth the same.

Of course, you’ve got to put in work, but not every hour worked is created equal.

Remember the character “Boxer” from Orwell’s Animal Farm?

He was a horse and every time he was faced with a problem, the solution was “I’ll just work harder.”

Boxer ended up broken and worn out, causing him to be useless to the farmer.

So the skill isn’t to work harder, longer hours, or produce more widgets.

The skill is determining what you SHOULDN’T be doing.

The skill is determining all the things you’re wasting your time doing because they aren’t delivering amazing results.

The skill is saying “no” to all of those things that aren’t important.

2 Minute Action

Look at your to-do list today.

Everything should fight for its life to stay on that list.

Right now, kill one thing on that list. I’m not saying wait until tomorrow to do it.

I really mean kill it. That’s it. See ya later.

Bye bye forever.

Hard, right?

Do it anyway.

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