1 Sentence To Get Past Any Difficult Conversation With Honesty

You feel it but you don’t want to say it. You might hurt them. You might say the wrong thing. No matter what words you pick or what tone you use, whatever comes out of your mouth is going to be interpreted by the lens of the receiver. You’re allowed to try to get it […]

How Simple It Is To Use Neuroplasticity To Your Advantage

Remember the last time you vented? Remember the peak of frustration and energy? Maybe it was low energy and sad. Maybe you were just getting all your feelings out. Let’s be clear about something: Your brain is constantly making little electro-chemical connections among its cells. All day, it’s trying to get better at making those […]

The Easy Thing About Hard Things

It seems like whenever I ask someone about their new project they go off on this long list We just finished the logo. We’re talking to a lawyer about an LLC. We’ve got sights on new office space downtown  . . . None of which matters. It just doesn’t. All the time we spend working […]