🤔 5 Ways You’re Getting Sidetracked Without Knowing It

Tips. Tricks. Hacks. Apps. Tools. All of this is noise and it doesn’t matter. Do you know what matters? Focus. Commitment. Accountability. Discipline. Mission. No more apps. No more hacks. No more tips and tricks. No more anything until you master those last 5 lines above. It was just Valentine’s Day, right? A day where we […]

How To Get Another Chance At Anything

No more tips. No more tricks. No more hacks. Let’s be real, you already know this. Just like you already know that you need to eat your fruits and veggies, you also know that temporary behaviors will never lead you to long term success. In fact, you’re probably so sick of me saying the same […]

How To Fall In Love With Hard Work

There’s no movie montage. There’s no Rocky music. There’s no one following you with a camera. What most people think “hard work” looks like just isn’t the case. Hard work is getting out of bed when it’s cold and the sun hasn’t come up, yet. Hard work is having the difficult conversation with your teammate […]