🤢How Getting Sick Relates To Productivity🤢

This is going to sound gross.

Just stick with me, here. It will make sense.

It’s like throwing up.

You know the feeling you get when you feel nauseous and you know that if you just throw up you’ll feel a lot better?

It’s awful and feels hard on your body but you know you’ll be okay afterward.

That’s what a lot of life is like.

Difficult conversations, going to the gym, and doing anything else you don’t want to do.

You’re just going to feel anxious until you throw up.

Of course, no one wants to endure the feeling of throwing up so we just avoid it as long as possible—but that just makes us stay nauseous longer.

Your call.

2 Minute Action

Whats the thing you most want to avoid today?

A conversation? The pull-up bar? A sales call?

Start with that.

You will get some serious confidence and momentum by making it the first accomplishment of the day.

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