Hard Work Isn’t As Vaynerchuk Describes It

Gary Vaynerchuk totes his success to hard work and mostly just that. I’ve actually been following him since he was posting wine videos on YouTube for Wine Library in 2012. The weird thing is that he actually does work very hard. He’s constantly working. He’s constantly selling. He’s constantly moving. But the critical thing to […]

The False Truth That’s Destroying Our Workforce

I’ve recently heard folks say that it’s important to learn for the sake of learning. I’m all for improving ones self through educating, but this always sits funny with me. Learning for learning’s sake of like having lots of food and then throwing it away. It’s not what you learn that’s important, its what you […]

Anyone Else Trying To Do This and Failing??

The 5 E’s. The 6 Step Method. The Secret Formula that will 5x your output. We’re all looking for it. This collective search is the definition of a “market;” a group of people simultaneously in need of a service or product. This means that we are subject to headlines and programs and blogs and online […]