The Boring, Unsexy Thing That Gives People Confidence

This one isn’t a fun one. You know how these posts go, by now. Sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes it’s metaphorical, a lot of the time it’s reflective and a little of the time it’s hyper nitty-gritty detailed and tactical. No matter how the information gets out, it’s usually about doing more or increasing output. In general, […]

How To Finally Understand Motivation and Make It Work

There’s something special about the blank page.  Pure possibility.  And even more important: it’s what’s behind the page. That’s the promise you made to fill it.  Whether your blank page is a computer terminal, a squat rack, or a sales call, it’s just as big of a promise. The only trouble is that it’s never […]

Why Messing Up Helps (It’s Not Because You Learn From Failure)

Yes, I make typos. Yep, I splice commas all over the place. Yeah, I end sentences with prepositions and incorrectly use the semi-colon. I’m not trying to be perfect, because a habit of perfectionism can consume a lot of time. I’m trying to get the point across quickly. I’m trying to do what’s essential and […]