8 Things School Didn’t Teach You That You Need To Know

The skills you were taught in school are mostly not that useful anymore. You don’t need to know that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. You don’t need to know that Neptune is a gas planet. You don’t need to know that an isoscolese triangle has two sides of equal length. What you […]

The System That’s Slowly And Quietly Destroying Us

It’s costing money. It’s costing time. It’s costing headache and pain and frustration. The trouble is that it’s the system we’ve used for so long. The trouble is that it does what it was designed to do, but we don’t need it to do that anymore. The trouble is that it still works for some […]

A Secret Weapon Most People Don’t Know They Have

When you learned geometry, it wasn’t because you were going to need it later in life. It was taught so you would learn to sit still and follow instructions. Mans maybe that’s important for some people some of the time. But what it doesn’t teach is the practical skills you need to be a productive […]