When Am I Going To Use This?

When am I going to use this? It’s the number one question I heard as a student, as a speaker, and as a teacher. School doesn’t teach the skills you need to be successful, it teaches the skills needed to a compliant worker. Sit for 8 hours, follow the formula, fill in the bubble, submit […]

Can You Guess Which Of These Are In Your Control?

I didn’t know there were so many advantages for a first time home-buyer. I didn’t know that if I had started investing at age 18, I would have 10 times as much saved as I do now. I didn’t know that I could have just asked for a raise. I didn’t know that there were […]


If we’re not learning about ourselves, analyzing our results, and rebuilding . . . then we are bound to make the same mistakes, relive the same embarrassments, and date the same kind of people. Learning is everything. When the light bulb goes off, we feel alive! When we discover something new, we are inspired to […]