Read This If You Think You’re A Rebel

Someone said something to me yesterday. He was talking about his attitude and how it matured as he got older. He mentioned that early in his journey he felt like a rebel. He was out there making things, sometimes without guidance, sometimes without intention, and certainly without permission. A rebel is someone who opposes things. […]

The First Thing You Should Do Everyday To Be Successful

The skills you need will come with time and effort. What’s more important is your attitude, your aptitude, and what you believe in. These things can be said as these questions: How will you react when things go terribly wrong? What are you capable of? What will motivate you intrinsically? 2 Minute Action It’s basically […]

Linear Growth vs. Exponential Growth

Everyone wants exponential growth in pretty much every category. And if we just listened to all the advice on the internet, we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs. Here’s the tricky thing: Exponential growth looks a lot like linear growth at first. In fact, they look the same for a while–but they’re completely different. Here’s […]