6 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Broken Workflow

Are any of these things part of your normal day-to-day? You are constantly being pulled in a million directions. You are constantly reacting to the “emergency of the day.” You are constantly needed for approvals and reviews. You can’t get your own work done because you are a slave to others’. You start early and […]

The Best Way To Prioritize Tasks

I learned this from the Eisenhower Decision Matrix and I’ve used it in many settings. Is it important? Is it urgent? Will it take 2 minutes or less? Then do it now. 2 Minute Action: Line up your tasks for today. If a task is important and urgent, give it a [1]. If it’s important […]

The First Thing To Do When You’re Disorganized

You’ve got more emails. The phone is ringing. Your boss walks in and tells you about 3 things you need to do. . . . Does any of this sound or feel familiar? This is one of those classic cases of “fire of the day” management style. When I’ve brought the Agile framework into a […]