Read This If You’re Getting Tons Of Useless Emails From Companies About Corona Virus

“The health of our employees is important to us . . .” “Please, remember to wash your hands . . .” “We’re washing down all our keyboards and sending people home . . .” Unless you are contributing some new information or notifying of some important procedural change that impacts customers in a big way, […]

The Part of Perfectionism Everyone Struggles With

If I’m being honest with you, writing every day is hard. Especially considering the parameters I gave myself. Each post must: Be in my own voice Have my unique viewpoint Be quickly digestible Be actionable When I committed to writing every day, I realized that this was big. Coming up with a fresh concept, in […]

The Counterintuitive Effect Of Employee Of The Month

What is it about the employee of the month program that feels so fake and contrived? The weird thing is, that it’s programs like this, that are intended to recognize people for their hard work, that fall short in delivering the one thing that people need to be the best, highest output versions of themselves. […]