How Simple It Is To Use Neuroplasticity To Your Advantage

Remember the last time you vented? Remember the peak of frustration and energy? Maybe it was low energy and sad. Maybe you were just getting all your feelings out. Let’s be clear about something: Your brain is constantly making little electro-chemical connections among its cells. All day, it’s trying to get better at making those […]

An Old-school Trick To Stay Focused Through The Hard Stuff

You can probably name a pretty decent number of movies that show “perseverance,” “fortitude,” or “determination.” Most of these movies represent challenges and obstacles in really obvious ways so viewers can relate quickly. This means, adversity is usually represented in some physical way. Sports and war movies lend themselves very well to this model. The […]

Read This If You Feel Guilty Taking Breaks

You know the feeling. You should have been working. You might have a deadline, you might not, but you’re somehow still just plain guilty. And I’m sure you’ve heard the pitch that “taking a break is good for productivity!” Just look at the Pomodoro technique, which advises 25-minute bursts of activity before taking 3-5 minute breaks. […]