Why You Shouldn’t Turn Angry People Into Your Biggest Fans

One of my super powers is turning any angry customer into a raving fan. The only trouble is that sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes all day. An important realization about this: There’s the 5% of people who won’t be happy no matter what. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s a little less—that’s not the […]

The Secret, Unharnessed Power of “No.”

The price is too high. I can’t commit to that timeframe. You can’t be serious with that offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hostage negotiation, if you’re buying a used car, or if you’re convincing your boss that your idea is actually her idea . . . The words “no,” “can’t,” and “won’t,” are […]

If You React, You’ll Always Fail

What happens when someone criticizes your idea, writing, or product? Do you get defensive? When you’re listening to the blasphemer who is bashing your hard work, are you just waiting for your turn to talk? Are you listening to win? The sooner you regulate that emotion and start listening to understand, the sooner you’ll be building […]