Why Do You Take Things So Personally?

There’s this sudden impulse when someone criticises you. It can happen without criticism, too. In fact, it can happen even when you’re not even involved. The sound of it goes something like this: “Who does she think she is? She’s not better than me.” “I work harder than he does, I don’t know why he’s […]

How To Get People To Follow You When They Disagree

I was talking with a client, once, about implementing a new protocol within his team. “How will we get people on board with this?” That question has a 2 part answer. Part 1 It helps if someone has done this before. This is called evidence-based implementation and it may require hiring a consultant, doing a lot […]

This time, it’s not business, it’s personal . . .

If we cared more about other people’s business, we’d do better in our own business.   Let me explain.   If it’s truly just business and not personal, it’s easier to excuse ourselves from the emotional labor otherwise required.   If it’s truly just transactional (trading dollars for a service) then it’s easier to view […]