A Quick Trick For Having More Energy And Staying Motivated

You have no energy or motivation? “I’m exhausted.” “I don’t know how you have so much energy.” “You’re just a person who is motivated, I’m not.” I hear this all the time. Let me explain where it comes from. It’s not that you have no energy to exercise. You have no energy BECAUSE you don’t […]

Everything That’s Holding You Back In 60 Seconds

There’s something calling for your attention. It’s asking for something important, that you value. It’s asking for your time and your focus. It’s asking for your energy and your intention. It’s asking for those precious limited resources we have. It’s everything. Well, it’s everything but what’s important. What’s important and urgent deserves your focus and […]

The Most Fundamental Lesson Of Productivity You Can Learn From Apple

Right now, Apple is spending money building “Apple Numbers.” For all you non-Mac users, this is the pre-loaded spreadsheet tool you get when you buy a Mac. How many people use it? How many people rely on Apple Numbers?   The truth is that we didn’t buy the Mac because it was great at spreadsheets. We […]