Get Past The Whole “Less Is More” Thing . . .

Most things aren’t essential. And we’re all accustomed to the idea that “less is more.” And we all agree that “quality is better than quantity.” And we are all aligned with the idea that we should “work smarter and not harder.” But yet we revolve back to the idea of doing more, outputting more, and […]

How To Focus On What’s Essential

Clarity of mission. Clarity of vision. Clarity of work. You cant be in multiple places. You only have one lifetime. Choosing what you spend your mental energy on is just as important as choosing what you don’t spend your mental energy on. 2 Minute Action Take 2 minutes to meditate, today. If you start getting […]

You Might Be Delusional, Here’s How

Have you ever heard “if you can believe than you can achieve?” How about “if you can dream it you can do it?” In these cases, belief is actually just a combination of trust and visibility. Let me explain: Trust is the reputation you have with yourself for executing things. If you have executed, followed […]