Why You Should Ask Yourself This Question 5 Times

  1. Why are you doing all of this work?
  2. Why is that?
  3. And so why would that be?
  4. Why might you think that?
  5. Why again?

Seems ridiculous to ask yourself “why?” five times, but understanding the WHY behind your work is important.

Sure, you don’t need a great “why” to make money or do the things you want, but you do need a strong “why” if you want to live a life of social impact and purpose.

Audit your “why” and you will increase the chances of living a regret-free, purpose-driven life.

Audit your “why” in other areas of your work and life and you will get down to the real issue you need to address.

2 Minute Action

Ask yourself “why” 5 times.

You might be surprised at what you find.

If you have trouble doing this by yourself, enlist a friend to help push you.

No excuses.

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