The Reason I’m Not Crazy For Loving Monday

Now, wait and hear me out . . . Monday is special because it does something no other day of the week does. It gives  you a fresh start. Even if you know you have a new start everyday, we all still feel how Monday is the psychological starting block for the week. Today is […]

The Reason We’re Not All Billionaires With 6-Pack Abs

It’s hard to be useful every day. It’s hard to do something impactful every day. Sometimes it’s just hard to do anything, at all. And of course, we all know that if it were easy, we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs. Still, that doesn’t always motivate us to start or to keep going. The […]

A Quick Trick For Having More Energy And Staying Motivated

You have no energy or motivation? “I’m exhausted.” “I don’t know how you have so much energy.” “You’re just a person who is motivated, I’m not.” I hear this all the time. Let me explain where it comes from. It’s not that you have no energy to exercise. You have no energy BECAUSE you don’t […]