This Choice You Make Will Shape Your Success And Happiness

You know what helps when work gets hard? The team of people around you. This is why we hire for aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit. It’s always a little easier to take failures on the chin when you have others sharing the burden or when they are there to get you back in the fighting […]

When You Break Something Of Value

Today, it broke. It was a cheap rubber wristband that I have been wearing for the past few months. Nothing this cheap was meant to last longer than that. If you know me at all, you know that I actively try to remove excess stuff from my life–so you might be wondering why I care […]

Handling That “Back To Reality” Feeling

“I like doing ‘x’ because it’s like a break from reality.” Have you ever heard someone say this? I’ve said it before, too. Well a colleague of mine reminded me, once, that this is a ridiculous thing to say. In fact, it’s hurtful. By claiming, after an adventure or other experience, that you now need […]