Why I Publish Bad Blog Posts

Yes, I’ve written bad blog posts and published them.  For any of you who follow me or read my blog, this shouldn’t be a surprise. They can’t all be “War and Peace.” The thing that’s difficult isn’t writing good content and publishing it—it’s publishing work that’s not that amazing. It hurts me sometimes if what […]

The Part of Perfectionism Everyone Struggles With

If I’m being honest with you, writing every day is hard. Especially considering the parameters I gave myself. Each post must: Be in my own voice Have my unique viewpoint Be quickly digestible Be actionable When I committed to writing every day, I realized that this was big. Coming up with a fresh concept, in […]

What To Do When Your Work Sucks

It’s true. You’re not always going to perform at your peak. That’s the thing about peaks. It’s the next thing, after the peak, that’s the most important, though. It’s what you do when you are no longer at your best. Guess what? Here’s the unpopular and kinda scary answer: Do it anyway. Unless a lot […]