What To Do When Your Work Sucks

It’s true.

You’re not always going to perform at your peak.

That’s the thing about peaks.

It’s the next thing, after the peak, that’s the most important, though.

It’s what you do when you are no longer at your best.

Guess what?

Here’s the unpopular and kinda scary answer:

Do it anyway.

Unless a lot of lives are riding on your success rate being 99.99999999%, I’d say you’re probably among the rest of us who have to deal with imperfection being a larger probability.

I have plenty of mistakes in my blog posts. I have them on my website and on Medium.

I’ve done some pretty mediocre TV interviews, and I’ve put together some crummy Facebook ads.

I’ve done some pretty ugly work in front of a lot of people.

But guess what? I’m still alive, I still have an ambitious career, and my output is still relentless.

The peak is the peak. Great job getting there.

But now it’s time to talk about the dip that comes afterward, the most important time to focus on.

2 Minute Action:

When was the last peak you had?

Could be work, personal, whatever—that’s not the point.

What happened after the peak, during the decline?

What might you do differently this time?

Let me know in the comments what your strategies are for rebounding and recovering. We can bring these strategies to the Facebook group and talk more about implementation.

For now, today, take 2 minutes to hit the “send” button, publish the articles make the call, or whatever it is.

It’s up to you to take responsibility for your ups and downs. No one else is going to do it for you.

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