3 Steps To Get Past Rejection

It hurts. It makes you feel like you don’t belong. It demotivates a distracts and can cause rumination. Yeah, I’m talking about rejection. Sometimes you’ll know why. Sometimes you won’t. Regardless, if you’re committed to a life of impact, it’s up to you to get your head back in the game. How to get your […]

Feel Guilty: It Helps . . .

I crashed today. I have been overworking, for sure. Long days and few days off. I’m used to 60-80 hour weeks, but it can grind you when it’s physical work or after too many weeks in a row. I took today off and I’m taking off tomorrow, too. The trick isn’t just identifying burnout when […]

Is It Really Worth It If We Just Help ONE Person?

“If what we’re doing only helps one person, then it’s worth it.” I think this phrase started as a way to help motivate folks at times when all hope seemed lost. It probably helped folks get through the terrible feeling of having no feedback and no measurable results. The nerdy scientist in me just says: […]