How To Fall Into Your Own Trap

You took the first step. You started. Day 1. Time to start thinking about day 2. So now that you started, you probably need special shoes. And you probably need the special gloves to go with it. And you probably will end up needing another dry-fit short since you’re gonna be doing this new thing […]

Read This If You Have Trouble “Relaxing”

I was miserable. I just took a day off. I was “trying” to relax all day. All I could think about were all the things that needed my attention. I spend a lot of my time thinking about identifying important things and getting them done. Don’t laugh but this is hard for me. Of course, […]

Why Minimalism Isn’t Right

Do fewer, more impactful things. I bet you’ve heard some version of this before, so let this just be a reminder. The idea isn’t to get you to stop doing what you’re doing or to ask you to start some new way of doing things. Consider this a reminder. Here are some examples: Warren Buffet […]