How To Align Your Team, Continuously Improve Work, And Make Everyone Stronger

Every morning, I ask my team to stand in a circle to have a 5 minute meeting. Everyone answers 3 questions: What did I accomplish yesterday? What will I accomplish today? What is in my way? At the end of the sprint (in our case, one week of work), we review how we did. This […]

The Best Argument For Minimalism I’ve Found So Far

Look, I’m not trying to get you to give up all your stuff and be a dish towel wearing hermit. I’m asking you to look seriously at your baggage (physical, social, and emotional) and decide what actually adds value to your life. Here’s a great example: This is a photo of a divorcing couple, in […]

The Weird Way Selling A Mattress Can Help You Focus

There are two types of people who buy mattresses in the world. One kind of person hates buying a mattress and thinks they should never have to buy one. The other kind of person thinks that buying a mattress is an important decision because you spend 30% of your life asleep and getting the right […]