If You Think I Can Change Your Life, Stop Reading Here

It’s really unlikely that I will change your life. I can say motivational things and give you tips and tricks to be productive. I can talk about how important education is and how the future of our world is dependent on it. I can even call you out with a 2-minute action every, single day. […]

How Planning For The Future Can Hurt!

Just in case. In the future, we might need to connect our software to another app. In the future, we might need to accommodate this new type of encryption for transfers. In the future, we might need to have a data base setup for users to store this special information. Guess what? It’s now. It’s […]

A Secret Weapon Most People Don’t Know They Have

When you learned geometry, it wasn’t because you were going to need it later in life. It was taught so you would learn to sit still and follow instructions. Mans maybe that’s important for some people some of the time. But what it doesn’t teach is the practical skills you need to be a productive […]