How To Get It Done When It Feels Like “Someday, Maybe”

David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method calls this the “Someday Maybe” list. The Agile framework refers to this as the “Icebox.” It doesn’t really matter what you call it, as long as you’ve gone one. It’s a list that has all of those projects you know you need to do at some point but either aren’t […]

The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Productivity For Life

You’ve heard of Scrum, right? I used it to run a software company that helped the Department of Defense build satellite constellations around the globe. I used it in my consulting work with Johnson & Johnson. And I still use it in my work, today. Without getting into all the principles, terms and details, I […]

The Secret to Doing More (That No One Wants to Hear).

The biggest reason people have hired me in the past is to help them do more. “We need to be bigger” “We need to be faster.” “We need to get MORE done.” Of course, the secret to doing more, whether it’s your business or your personal life, is right in front of each of us. […]