The Secret Benefit of Crappy Situations

I was boarding my plane and I couldn’t help it. There was nothing I could do. I got sick right there on the jetway. I took a knee and let everyone pass by me. They escorted me out and denied me for flying. I feel awful. My whole body hurts. But do you know what […]

Why You Need To Work On Labor Day

Since about 1887, we’ve been “celebrating” Labor Day. But what does that mean? Of course, we’ve got a national holiday to thank all the American workers on whose backs our country has been built. Past and present. Great. But what are we DOING? If you’re reading this, you made a commitment to action! You made a […]

Tell Me You Don’t Already Know The Answer To This . . .

We almost always know the answer already. The trouble is that we’re looking for someone to give us permission. We don’t need a new fancy diet. We know what’s good for us and what’s garbage. Eat less, exercise more. We don’t need a fancy new software app. We know what work we’re avoiding. Do the […]