Prove Me Wrong: All Of Life Is A Game Of Luck

You were born with a functional brain. You were born outside of a warzone. You were born as a human being with opposable thumbs. You were born right here, in this century. You were born with the desire to improve yourself and the world. You were born with enough resources to get the traction to […]

❤️This Will Change Your Mind About Valentine’s Day❤️

Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples only. Valentine’s Day is made up and doesn’t mean anything because we should be treating each other well all year round. Fine—believe whatever you want. It’s also an opportunity to share your appreciation and gratitude for those you love. Regardless of what […]

When You Break Something Of Value

Today, it broke. It was a cheap rubber wristband that I have been wearing for the past few months. Nothing this cheap was meant to last longer than that. If you know me at all, you know that I actively try to remove excess stuff from my life–so you might be wondering why I care […]