An Unexpected Outcome Of The Corona Virus Nightmare

I’m not going to talk about the silver lining we should be seeking in the wake of the Corona Virus. If you haven’t heard, New York City’s hospital staff is getting crushed. It’s hard to talk about the good things that can come from bad things when the bad things are really bad. So, instead, […]

This Is Your Business

I post this every year because it’s important. I don’t really see a future where I’m not thinking about it. When you’re all finished with Christmas movies and presents and throwing away all that wrapping paper, and when you finally go back to work after the holidays . . . Remember why you’re working on […]

Read This If You Don’t Think You Have An Enemy

It could be a person. It could be a substance. It could be a disease. It could be a thought. It could be someone else’s thought. It could be anything. Whomever or whatever your enemy is . . . “Your enemy thanks you for not giving 100%, today.” – unknown I stole this little quote […]