When You Break Something Of Value

Today, it broke. It was a cheap rubber wristband that I have been wearing for the past few months. Nothing this cheap was meant to last longer than that. If you know me at all, you know that I actively try to remove excess stuff from my life–so you might be wondering why I care […]

The Funny Thing That Happens When People Do What You Want

You can absolutely have it your way. You can absolutely build a team around you who will do everything you ask. You can absolutely be the dictator of your project, company, family, district, region, or whatever. Just understand some of the consequences: By surrounding yourself with “yes,” you may not get the pushback you need […]

An Important Choice To Make After Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. There are a billion places on the internet where you can learn about how this holiday came to be. You can learn about how Edward Winslow’s account of the Pilgrim’s harvest in 1621 mentioned that they ate some turkey–among other things. You can learn about how it’s not about any […]