How To Bounce Back From Failure Consistently

You know the feeling. You let yourself down. Or maybe you let someone else down. It can be a weird combination of feelings including but not limited to: Guilt Shame Embarrassment Sadness The problem with this isn’t messing up. The problem isn’t that you feel this way, either. You don’t get to choose how you […]

Just Put Your Shorts On

There are some strange things that happen when you try to change yourself.   And I’m not talking about the slow rate of progress or the big payoff–I’m talking about the disappointments, the injuries, then setbacks and the feelings of pain, uncertainty, and frustration.   Of course, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted […]

The Only Thing That Actually Matters . . .

It’s not talent, or opportunity, or luck. In fact, it’s not any of the typically desired characteristics or things. The only thing that matters in your career, life, or productivity is your ability to get up again. If you can get up again and again, you’ll win. You’ll learn the rest along the way. For […]