Hustle Is Important But Not That Important

Are you familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Quick summary: Abraham Maslow was a Psychologist who was able to illustrate a simple order of human needs that could play a huge role in motivation, emotions, and decision making behavior. Basically, you need your basics met first. Like food and shelter. Then you need your social […]

How To Bounce Back From Failure Consistently

You know the feeling. You let yourself down. Or maybe you let someone else down. It can be a weird combination of feelings including but not limited to: Guilt Shame Embarrassment Sadness The problem with this isn’t messing up. The problem isn’t that you feel this way, either. You don’t get to choose how you […]

If You Feel Guilty For Taking Breaks, Read This

Do you play games in your phone? I don’t.  I would love to write the rest of this post about how I think games are dumb and just steal your attention from important stuff.  In fact, for most people, I really do believe this is true.  But I’ve just spent the past 2 days with […]